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    Fine Art Paper
    45 x 30 cm
    € 140
    € 50
    75 x 50 cm
    € 300
    € 100
    105 x 70 cm
    € 500
    € 190
    45 x 25 cm
    € 135
    € 50
    75 X 42 cm
    € 250
    € 95
    105 x 59 cm
    € 465
    € 225
    45 x 32 cm
    € 155
    € 55
    75 x 53,5 cm
    € 340
    € 115
    105 x 75 cm
    € 600
    € 225
    40 x 40 cm
    € 140
    € 55
    70 x 70 cm
    € 350
    € 165
    100 x 100 cm
    € 560
    € 250

    alu-Dibond: timeless design and great durability

    quality for every motif

    Photographs as a print on alu-Dibond come across as particularly pure and authentic thanks to the omission of a cover glass. The 3 mm thick alu-Dibond composite material consists of three layers: two platinum-white coated aluminium sheets enclose a core of black polyethylene. The side of the sheets is also black. The stabilising base plate has a low own weight and is therefore also suitable for large-format photos. Laminated with a thin and robust film, your photo on alu-Dibond as a photo print is finished without blisters and effectively protected.

    The right paper for photo prints on alu-Dibond

    The photo print is exposed and classically developed using state-of-the-art laser technology. The print lab gives a 75-year guarantee on the brilliance of these genuine photo prints on Fuji Crystal DP II. This paper is suitable for works of all kinds. With beautiful colour brilliance and clear contrasts.

    Sealing your photos on alu-Dibond: durable thanks to UV-protective film

    The high-quality protective film is so thin and transparent that it does not affect the impression of your photo. The lamination serves as protection against external influences such as UV rays or dirt and guarantees the long durability of the finish on alu-Dibond.

    Mounting systems for your photos on alu-Dibond

    The hanging system is selected in accordance with the format and included in the price:

    Aluminium rails, all-round running

    for a horizontal edge length of 26-50 cm: two-piece, for greater edge length: all-round.

    Suspension hooks

    Small formats up to 25 cm in length

    Fine Art Prints on Hahnemühle

    Hahnemühle Photo Rag

    Hahnemühle Photo Rag has a very matt surface with a fine, restrained texture, making it very versatile in use. It is suitable for completely reflection-free reproduction of both colour and black-and-white photos.

    Premium quality with a fine white edge

    Your high-quality photo print gets a special accent with a white border: manufactured with an eye primarily on the decorative, just like a classic photographer, your Fine Art premium print is framed with an additional white border that makes it exceptionally elevated. Moreover, it also has a practical use: with its help you can fit your photos into passe-partouts more easily. The prints always have a 1 cm white margin to guarantee clean cut edges. This edge is added on the outside, so the photo retains its exact size. A 30 x 20 cm photo will thus have an additional 1 cm border, making it 32 x 22 cm.

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