about me


I am Peter a photographer from Belgium. As a child, I already felt the need to express some creativity. In my younger years, I experimented with photography, animation film and sculpture, without really pursuing it. It wasn’t until 2012 that I really picked up photography. First with a broad interest, but soon I started moving in my direction.

I look for subjects in nature, mostly landscapes, but animals and plants can also come in front of the lens. Especially dramatic images appeal to me. Sometimes I also look for more graphic and abstract images. I just want to make the images that make me feel something and give me satisfaction.

Photography, nature and travel pretty much go hand in hand now. With varying degrees of success, we handle our photographic equipment. In often difficult conditions, we try to take pictures. And yes, sometimes the efforts are rewarded by making that image that gives me the satisfaction.

I hope my work can also interest you !

handtekening blauw


2016 international landscape photographer of the year

3rd place with a portfolio of 4 images and 4 images in the top 101

2018 epson international pano awards

1 x silver award

3 x bronze award

2018 Memorial Maria Luisa

Honorable mention

2019 epson international pano awards

4 x bronze award