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Fine Art Photography Workshops in Nature

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Fine Art Photography

With fine art photography, the photographer expresses his feelings and vision and makes them accessible to the enthusiast. These photos tell a story, express an idea or an emotion.

Thus, fine art photos are great for decorating your living space, based on your choice, they bring the emotion and feeling you would like to create.

Your interest in fine art photography is your unique taste translated into tangible pieces that complement any living space.

Carefully crafted Prints

My photography collection is available in different sizes and materials. This way, they can perfectly match your interior.

I pay great attention to the quality of the print. Therefore, I choose high-quality materials and a solid print service as standard.

Portfolio Gallery

This portfolio is much broader than the Limited & Open Editions collections that can be found in the shop, although these collections are also included here.

If you would like a print of a photo not included in the shop, please let me know via the contact form.

Collection Limited & Open Editions

Prints from the Limited Edition Collection are never mass-produced. To ensure that your investment retains its value, these photographs are limited to an edition of maximum 30 pieces.

These photos are signed, numbered and come with a certificate of authenticity.

Prints uit de Open Edition Collectie zijn niet beperkt in oplage.

Peter Poppe

With a Passion for Photography

Photography is more than just seeing.
Capturing the feeling of the moment and translating it into an image.
My own vision takes precedence over merely registering reality.

Photo Workshops

creative in nature... the beginning of beautiful images

See examples of workshops.

You are not going to find ready-made workshops here. All programmes are tailor-made and drawn up in consultation with interested parties.

Photo Processing

Processing... as important as the shooting itself

Working with photoshop is a difficult job for many people.

I tailor lessons to the student or group’s needs and pace. From the beginning to the use of layers, blending modes and masks. I focus here in particular on what is needed for landscape photography.

I am Ready

A Project With Me?

It is my pleasure to get to work for you.

Contact me without obligation to carry out your plans.

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