Landscape RUSSIA

"The magic of Lake Baikal: the deepest and most mysterious lake in Siberia."

In winter, Lake Baikal turns into a frozen wonderland. The water freezes, creating a thick layer of ice that can be up to two metres thick. This offers photographers a unique opportunity to capture the beauty of Lake Baikal in winter.

The ice on the lake has a blue or even black colour and is translucent, making it possible to see the underlying water. This creates a stunning visual effect. The cracking and snapping sounds of the ice as it forms and moves under the influence of the wind and currents will remain in the memory.

Winter on Lake Baikal can be extremely cold, with temperatures dropping to -30 degrees Celsius or below. Photographers should therefore prepare well with warm clothes and equipment that can withstand the cold. But for those willing to take up the challenge, frozen Lake Baikal offers an unforgettable photographic experience.

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